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Teaching Experience

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA): Political Economy of Spatial Development (1976-77).

Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (Belgium): Seminar of spatial economics; Seminar of econometric methods; econometrics II; methods of regional analysis (1977-80; 1982-83).

Higher Institute of Architecture (HAIR, Antwerp, Belgium): Introduction to economics; Spatial Economics; Regional Economics (1982-1989).

Business School Limburg (Diepenbeek, Belgium): Microeconomics; Mathematical Economics (statics and dynamics) (1983-87).

University of Lille I, France (Faculty of Economics and Sociology):
Mathematical methods in economics; Data analysis I + II; Econometrics II; Economics and geography of the service sector; Location of Multinationals; Location of firms and regional development; History of Economic Thought (Institutions and the Economy) – in French; Regional and Urban Economics; Firms and Institutions; Location of economic activities and regional development – in English; Research seminar in regional development planning – in English and French (1987-2002).

Newcastle University, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape:
Regional Planning and Development in Europe; Issues in European Planning; Social and Economic Development in Europe; Urban and Regional Development Planning; European Research Project; Ph.D. research seminars in regional and urban development and planning; Research methodology lecture at Faculty Research and Training programme (2002-2007).

Visiting lectures at among others:
University of Leuven, KU Brussels, College of Europe, University of Illinois (Urbana, Champaign), Cardiff University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Grenoble, Paris Sorbonne, Université de Bordeaux I, University of Oxford, University of Bath, Lancaster University, University of the Basque Country, IPTS Seville, University of Lisbon, University of Aveiro, Università degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Campi Salentina Summer School, University of the Aegean, Universidade Catolica do Salvador, Université du Québec à Montréal, National Chengchai University Taipei, University of Bologna, University of Bolzano, University of Heidelberg, Université de Clermont Ferrand.


PhD supervision: about 35 finished PhD dissertations as supervisor or co-supervisor.