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Reports 2008

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L'économie sociale - platform de l'innovation social (ECOSIN)

with O Ailenei, A Hamdouch and B Laffort

CPER-IFRSI/CNRS-2005-2006, November 2008

Final Report   Project Website

SOCIALPOLIS: Social platform on Cities and Social Cohesion

with K Miciukiewicz

SOCIAL POLIS project. Annual Report, submitted to EC FP7 programme, 2008.

DEMOLOGOS Final Report

with A Mehmood

European Commission, October 2008

 Final Report  Project Website

SOCIALPOLIS: Focused Research Agenda

SOCIALPOLIS, European Commission, 2008.

 Final Report  Project Website

Existential Field 12: Social Cohesion and the City as a Whole

with A Novy and B Beinstein

SOCIALPOLIS Discussion Paper, 2008.

 Final Report  Project Website

DEMOLOGOS Case Study Analysis

with A Mehmood

DEMOLOGOS deliverable to FP6 SSH programme, June 2008

 Final Report  Project Website

Growing inequality and social innovation: Alternative knowledge and practice in overcoming social exclusion in Europe

with D McCallum

KATARSIS Annual Report, June 2008.

 Final Report  Project Website