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Reports 2011

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Social Platform on Cities and Social Cohesion

with A Mehmood and A Novy

SOCIAPOLIS , European Commission, April 2011

 Final Report Project Website  

 European Agenda for Cities and Social Cohesion

with J Hillier, K Miciukiewicz, D MacCallum and D Cassinari


Final Report   Project Website 

Transdisciplinary Research in Social Polis

with D Cassinari, J Hillier, K Miciukiewicz, A Novy, S Habersack, D MacCallum


Exploring Urban Futures in European Cities: A Social Cohesion based approach

with A.Z.K. Mahsud, A Novy and D.C. Swiatek

Report submitted to European Commission, in collaboration with SOCIALPOLIS and URBAN-NET, March 2011

 Final Report  Project Website