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The International Handbook on Social Innovation:Collective Action, Social Learning and Transdisciplinary Research

(edited with Diana MacCallum, Abid Mehmood, and Abdelillah Hamdouch) Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. 2013.
(ISBN: 978-1849809986)
(eBook 978-1849809993)

This enriching Handbook covers many aspects of the scientific and socio-political debates on social innovation today. The contributors provide an overview of theoretical perspectives, methodologies and instructive case experiences from all continents, as well as implications for collective action and policy. They argue stringly for social innovation as a key to human development. The Handbook defines social innovation as innovation in social relations within both micro and macro spheres, with the purpose of satisfying unmet or new human needs across different layers of society. It connects social innovation to empowerment dynamics, thus giving a political character to social movements and bottom-up governance initiatives. Together these should lay foundations for a fairer, more democratic society for all.

This interdisciplinary work, written by scholars collaborating to develop a joint methodological perspective towards social innovation agency and processes, is invaluable for students and researchers in social science and humanities. It also appeals to policy makers, policy analysts, lobbysts and activists seeking to give inspiration and leadership from a social innovation perspective.