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Urban and Regional Development Trajectories in Contemporary Capitalism


(edited with Flavia Martinelli and Andreas Novy) Routledge, London. 2012.
(ISBN: 978-0415608947)

This book re-evaluates a rich scientific heritage of space- and history-sensitive development theories and produces an integrated methodology for the comparative analysis of urban and regional trajectories within a globalized world. The main argument put forward is that current mainstream analyses of urban and regional development have forgotten this rich heritage and fail to address the connections between different dimensions of development, the role of history and the importance of place and scale relations. The methodology integrates elements from radical economic geography, regulation approach, cultural political economy and new institutionalism. They are combined into a (meta)theoretical framework to address the problems of socioeconomic development. The methodology is applied to eight case studies from China, the United States, and Western Europe. The conclusion highlights that the neoliberal turn has led to reductionist policies that not only have resulted in an increase in social inequalities, but have also undermined growth and democracy.

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