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Can Neighbourhoods Save the City? Community Development and Social Innovation


(edited with Erik Swyngedouw, Flavia Martinelli and Sara Gonzalez) Routledge, London. 2010. (ISBN: 978-0415485883)

The book is based on interdisciplinary research of innovative projects and programs, implemented by different subjects - public, private and third sector - to combat exclusion and promote social inclusion, especially for the excluded communities. The evaluation of these experiences shows their effectiveness as careful and appropriate responses to growing needs of people and communities which are increasingly disregarded by public policies. The economic crisis, with its heavy impact on the physical and social fabric of the city, makes these alternatives to neoliberal development highly relevant. They are based on the mobilization of local resources, the creation of spaces for public life and collective action. They offer opportunities for rebuilding social ties and community development, but also to give a new stimulus to urban policy for social cohesion.

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