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Empowering the Planning Fields. Ethics, Creativity and Action


(edited with J. Van den Broeck and S. Oosterlync), Acco Uitgeverij, Leuven. 2008. (ISBN: 978-9033470196)

This book contains contributions from many authors from all over the world exploring current issues and discourses in the 'Planning Fields'. It deals with a broad spectrum of topics which illustrates the complexity of the issues the planning discipline is wrestling with. The authors raise fundamental issues and develop substantiated arguments which, as Klaus Kunzmann formulated, constitute a task for 'a new generation' of planners, academics and practitioners.
Strategic spatial planning, the relationship between knowledge and action as well as theory and practice, the role of power in planning and the internationalisation of planning education were, and still remain, central to date. In four lengthy articles and a series of shorter testimonies, a selection of authors of international renown illustrates these issues.

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