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Past Addresses & Lectures

Frank Moulaert is an international speaker on social innovation, social transformation and neighbourhood development. What do these mean for social cohesion and urban policy? And what are the methodological challenges for their scientific analysis?


University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA): Political Economy of Spatial Development (1976-77).

Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (Belgium): Seminar of spatial economics; Seminar of econometric methods; econometrics II; methods of regional analysis (1977-80; 1982-83).

Higher Institute of Architecture (HAIR, Antwerp, Belgium): Introduction to economics; Spatial Economics; Regional Economics (1982-1989).

Business School Limburg (Diepenbeek, Belgium): Microeconomics; Mathematical Economics (statics and dynamics) (1983-87).

University of Lille I, France (Faculty of Economics and Sociology):
Mathematical methods in economics; Data analysis I + II; Econometrics II; Economics and geography of the service sector; Location of Multinationals; Location of firms and regional development; History of Economic Thought (Institutions and the Economy) – in French; Regional and Urban Economics; Firms and Institutions; Location of economic activities and regional development – in English; Research seminar in regional development planning – in English and French (1987-2002).

Newcastle University, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape:
Regional Planning and Development in Europe; Issues in European Planning; Social and Economic Development in Europe; Urban and Regional Development Planning; European Research Project; Ph.D. research seminars in regional and urban development and planning; Research methodology lecture at Faculty Research and Training programme (2002-2007).

Visiting lectures at among others:
University of Leuven, KU Brussels, College of Europe, University of Illinois (Urbana, Champaign), Cardiff University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Grenoble, Paris Sorbonne, Université de Bordeaux I, University of Oxford, University of Bath, Lancaster University, University of the Basque Country, IPTS Seville, University of Lisbon, University of Aveiro, Università degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Campi Salentina Summer School, University of the Aegean, Universidade Catolica do Salvador, Université du Québec à Montréal, National Chengchai University Taipei, University of Bologna, University of Bolzano, University of Heidelberg, Université de Clermont Ferrand.


PhD supervision: about 35 finished PhD dissertations as supervisor or co-supervisor.


20 February 2020

Title: Recommandations méthodologiques pour l’analyse de l’innovation sociale.
Parlant de l’Innovation Territoriale Durable.

Seminar presentation at the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur le Développement International (CERDI), Université Clermont Auvergne


5 February 2020

Title: Towards a Social Innovation (SI) based Epistemology in Local Development Analysis: Lessons from two (three?) decades of EU research"

Heidelberg University, Department of Geography


30-31 January 2020

Title: " How to rebuild solidarity in a market society - and what are the challenges for socially-innovative governance and political leaders?"

Lisbon, GOVINT Conference


8 November 2019

Title: Social innovation in local and regional development : the role of ethics and power relations

Firenze, International conference on Regional Innovation Systems


4 June 2019

Title: Future Research Directions and Alternative Theoretical Lenses of SE-Research

Edinburgh, Conference on SI/Social Economy: Future Research Directions and Alternative Theoretical Lenses of SE-Research, Business School


30 May 2019

Title: "Living and studying social innovation."

Title: "Towards a Social Innovation (SI) based Epistemology in Local Development Analysis: Lessons from two (three?) decades of EU research"

University of Bolzano, Faculty of Social Sciences

 11-14 March 2019

Title 1: Introduction to Social Innovation. A history of thought.

Title 2: When Innovation lost its social character - or not?

Roskilde University, Spring School

 8 March 2019

Title: Commoning as Action-Research, Action-Research as Commoning

Towards socially innovative governance of the commons and its research alliances

Celebration Emeritus Prof. Chris Kesteloot, KU Leuven


20-21 November 2018

Title: Bottom-linked governance and local socio-economic development

Open Eyes Economic Summit, Krakow, Poland


21-22 June 2018

Title: Social Innovation and Ethics: a Co-Creation Process.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento



16 March 2018

Title: Commemoration of Walter Stöhr

Vienna University of Economics


9 February 2018

Title 1: When Innovation lost its Social Character. Or not?

Title 2: Social Innovation and Territorial Development: the Search for Convergence

Combating Inequalities: The great global challenge 

 11-13 October 2017

Title: "When innovation lost its social character. Or not?'

Athens, Globelics Conference

30 August 2017

Title: On the history of thought and practice of social innovation. Public lecture at the

ARL International Summer School, Social Innovation in Urban and Regional Development. Vienna University, Faculty of Earth Sciences


6-7 April 2017

Title: Vers une épistémologie socialement innovante du développement local: leçons de 20 ans de recherche-action

Colloque International du CRISES " Des émergences à la reconnaissance. Trajectoires d'Innovation." Montréal, Québec, Canada


18 March 2017

Title: The urban pendulum of social innovation action research.

Hasselt, Traders Workshop.


24 November 2016

Title: Social Innovation and the Right to the City

Agora Conference, Cultural Scenes Rebelling the Cities, Lisbon University, IGOT


19 March 2016

Title: Social Innovation research: experiences and reflections

Cardiff, WISERD Conference



15 January 2015

Title: Etudes urbaines: où l’analyse théorique de l’Innovation Sociale a vu la lumière

International Conference "Innovation Sociale, Economie Sociale et Solidaire, Entrepreneuriat Solidaire. De la perspective internationale aux actions locales. Paris, CNAM.


21 November 2014

Title: Les services éco-systémiques culturels: à quelle épistémologie du développement territorial appartiennent‐ils ?

Journée Services écosystémiques. UMR CNRS Ladyss / Université Paris Diderot.

4 April 2014

Title: Recommandations méthodologiques pour l’analyse de l’innovation sociale
Parlant de l’Innovation Territoriale

Présentation au Colloque International du CRISES Montréal, Québec, Canada.



4-7 March 2014

Title 1: Can neighbourhoods save the city? Integrated Area Development and
Multi-level Governance in European cities

Title 2: Challenges to Social Cohesion and Social Innovation in European Cities

Spatial Transformation of Cities Conference, Johannesburg, South-Africa



18 February 2014 

Title: Social Innovation at the crossroads between innovation systems and human development.
Innovation and Engagement lecture
Cardiff School of Planning and Geography, Cardiff, UK.
See video    Event Details 


6 November 2013
: Spaces of Social Innovation. 
IRS International Lecture on Society and Space
Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Berlin, Germany.
Event Details [pdf]


29 September 2011 
Session on
: Social Innovation and Welfare Services' Based on book 'Can neighbourhoods save the city?'
Keynote address at ESPANET Conference
Cardiff School of Planning and Geography, Milan, Italy.
Book: Can neighbourhoods save the city?  


25 May 2011 
 Spatial Development Planning and Social Innovation.
Lecture Studium Generale
School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.


6 July 2011 
Social innovation: not the cherry on the cake of innovation but the heart of it.
Keynote address
EMES Conference, Roskilde, Denmark


12 September 2011
 Spaces of Social Innovation. With a reflection on home care
Keynote address to the Best Practice Workshop Social experimentation to develop innovative home care solutions
EC DG Social Affairs.


20 September 2011 
: Promoting social innovation. The catalysing role of research.
Keynote address at the CSI Conference
CSI Conference, Vienna, Austria.



8 April 2011 
 La Région Sociale : ses potentialités et blocages au sein de la globalisation.
Closing Address
International Conference ‘ Pour une nouvelle mondialisation: le défi d'innover', Montréal, Québec, Canada.



9 February, 2011 
 Methodological challenges in local development analysis: lessons from 20 years of EC research
Seminar Presentation
Bartlett School London, London, United Kingdom

10 December, 2010.

Title: ‘Rethinking migration in times of economic crisis: reflections from Social Polis',
Closing address
International Conference ‘Rethinking Migration in Times of Economic Crisis in Europe' Berlin, Germany


7 December, 2010.
Title: ‘Quand les territoires deviennent vivants' 
Plenary talk to the “Deuxième Recontre du Territoire”, Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble, France


19 November 2010.
Title:‘Attractiveness of European territories for whom?' 
Introduction to ESPON conference Leuven, Belgium



26 November 2010
Title: ‘Promoting social innovation. Spreading the benefits of social innovation across Europe',
Address to a panel of European journalists Brussels, Belgium
See Video

14 October 2010
Title: ‘Challenges to social cohesion and social innovation in the city',
Plenary address to the conference Promouvoir la cohésion sociale au niveau européen: des concepts et des indicateurs au
service de l'action
, Présidence belge de l'Union Européenne, Charleroi.

7 October 2010
‘Challenges to Social Cohesion in Cities',
Address to EC Workshop
8th European Open Days of Regions and Cities, DG Region.

16 September. 2010
‘ Spaces of social innovation. How Europe moves their boundaries'
Plenary lecture at 8 th EURS ConferenceVienna, Austria.

25 May 2010
Title: ‘Spaces of Social Innovation'
Public lecture
Harokopio University Athens, Greece.

15 March, 2010
Title: ‘La sociologie des connaissances: un outil pour l'étude de l'innovation sociale'
Seminar presentation  
CIRTES Charleroi.

25 January, 2010
Title: ‘Spatial planning in Flanders : serving a bypassed capitalism?'
Keynote address at the cconference Cidaded inovadoras: estrategias de compromisso entre competitividade e coesao 
Lisbon, Portugal.

3 December 2009
Title: ‘Espaces d'innovation sociale: les quartiers urbains et leurs réseaux'
Keynote address at the conference Habitat Social pour la Ville, Paris, France

7 October, 2009
Title: ‘What is social innovation? And why is it politically relevant?'
KATARSIS Dissemination Seminar
Social Innovation: an Opportunity for Europe? European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

14-15 May 2009
Title: ‘Theory - Practice – Dialogue', (with Juan Luis Klein, Pavlos Delladetsimas, Loris Servillo and Alfredo Rodriguez)
KATARSIS Valorisation Conference, Vienna University of Economics.

14-15 May 2009
Title: ‘KATARSIS – Methodological challenges and opportunities in social science research'
KATARSIS Valorisation Conference, Vienna University of Economics.

11-12 May, 2009
Title: ‘Focused Research Agenda: Content and organisation',
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria.

11-12 May, 2009
Title: 'Epistemological challenges to urban social cohesion research: the role of transdisciplinarity'
(with Andreas Novy and Daniela Coimbra de Souza)
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria.

11-12 May, 2009
Title: ‘ Social cohesion – conceptual and political clarifications '
(with Andreas Novy) 
S (EC FP7 project)
Stakeholder Conference. Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria .

6-8 April 2009
Title: ‘Does social capital has a right of existence on its own?'
Plenary presentation at RSA Annual Conference “Understanding and Shaping Regions: Spatial, Social and Economic Futures”, Leuven, Belgium.

19-20 February 2009
Title:  ‘Social cohesion and the city – survey paper', SOCIAL POLIS (EC FP7 project)
(with Andreas Novy, Barbara Beinstein and Daniela Coimbra de Souza)
Lead Partner Meeting, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

19-20 February 2009
Title: ‘ Focused Research Agenda & Social Polis contributions to FP7 calls', SOCIAL POLIS (EC FP7 project)
(with Konrad Miciukiewicz)
Lead Partners Meeting, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.